whether you're a first-time homebuyer             Or looking for your forever home, we can help you find the perfect           home for your needs.


Submit a Request


Submit a request to our representatives. They will ask you a few questions to learn more about the project and set up a meeting with our specialists.

Get to Know Our Consultants


Our specialists will chat with you to acquire a better understanding of the project. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate package and will answer any queries you may have.

Documentation Review


All site-related papers will be thoroughly reviewed and verified by us. If the papers need to be updated or corrected, we can help you with that as well – so everything is in order!

Our Engineer Pays a Visit to the Job Site


Our engineers examine the location and thoroughly inspect the land's size and specifications. They gather thorough information from you regarding the kind, size, and profile of the villa you wish to build.

Get Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations


Our architects create precise floor plans and elevations and collaborate with you to guarantee that you are completely delighted with them.

Liaison & Licence Advance Payment


The project is complete! At this point, you pay an advance fee for liaison and collecting the necessary licences from various agencies.

Make a mortgage application


Apply for a mortgage if necessary. If you require the services of a financial counsellor, our sales staff may recommend one, and we will always request that you be financially qualified by them before proceeding with your reservation.

Make your deposit


Contracts for exchange. Your representative will arrange for contracts to be exchanged with ours. The exchange of contracts will take place once all issues and concerns about your new home and the development have been addressed and our solicitor has received the deposit payments.

Monitor Progress in accordance with the Schedule


Our project management staff checks and follows the progress of the work at the site on a regular basis to ensure that everything proceeds as planned.

Completion Report


At the end of the project, we distribute a completion report and a completion certificate from the City Corporation.

Handover of the Project and Final Payments


Finally, we turn the keys over to you! Any outstanding payments are made at this time.



Our Customer Service staff will become your point of contact a month after you have made your transaction. If you have any problems with your new house, they will assist you and try to fix any concerns as soon as possible.

The process
Step - 1
Give us a call or stop by our office

We'll sit down with you and get to know you and your family. We'll discuss your needs and what you're looking for in a home.

Contact us
Step - 2
We'll help you find the perfect home

We'll show you a variety of homes that fit your needs. Once you've found the perfect home, we'll arrange site visits and experience centre tours to give you the full experience of the property.

Step - 3
We will help you with the paperwork and financing

After you've decided on the perfect home, we'll help you with the paperwork so everything is in order. We'll also connect you with our preferred mortgage lender so you can get the best possible interest rate.

step - 4
Receive timely updates about the progress from our Site Manager

As your home is being built, we'll provide you with construction updates so you can see the progress of your home. And once your home is complete, we'll do a final walk-through with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Step - 5
You're a homeowner

Now that you're a homeowner, we'll be there for you every step of the way- from providing customer care to maintaining your home and property. We're here to make sure you're happy in your new home for years to come. Welcome to the Vian family!

Pricing of properties

Project Conceptualization

 We at Vian understand that conceptualization entails everything from discovering possibilities to building a micro and macro feasibility viewpoint and examining financial viability from all angles - legal, business, and design. We feel that this is the most important stage of a project's lifetime since it is the blueprint that will determine any project's route to success.
property staging

Land Acquisition

From the strategic identification of property to the final title certificate in the acquirer's name, Magus is with our customers every step of the way during the land purchase process. Assuring that all due diligence is completed, all legal compliances are satisfied, and all discussions for the best agreements are completed in order to produce a win-win situation for the land acquirer and seller.
Negociation services

Property Development

Vian is dedicated to developing successful 'design and build' solutions for all stages of project development, including pre-execution, execution, and post-execution. Magus gives insight, expertise, and groundwork to every project to ensure its viability and effectiveness. We collaborate with reputable and skilled contractors.
commercial assistance


Vian's aim is to build institutional-quality buildings using a risk-managed approach that regularly delivers high-quality development on time and on budget, resulting in a final product that is unique in its market.The organisation has evaluated and polished the pre-construction phases of idea, design, and contracting throughout the years, controlling every area to decrease costs, reduce risk, and produce higher long-term value. This intellectual rigour and hands-on experience has resulted in a methodical approach to development that has been tried and validated on hundreds of buildings worldwide—buildings that are as efficient, vital, and lucrative today as they were the day they were erected.
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